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Welcome to our family website. We hope you enjoy our collection of family pictures and yearly Rosh Hashanah letter. If you have comments about the family tree, or wish to add family narratives or stories, please email us at cornbleetmail-xxxx, where xxxx is the current Jewish year (5766), at

We still both enjoy our part time work and volunteer activities. This year, Harry and Joanne will begin a 2 year commitment to the Florence Melton Jewish Adult Education curriculum, a program from Hebrew University.

The big news is that Jenny has just published her first cookbook, "Raw Food Made Easy." The book has gotten a good reception from the health food community in the publicity trips and book signings arranged by her publisher. To learn more about Jenny's book, see her website:


The Shofar Blower
by Ilan Braun

Last December we toured Thailand with Grand Circle. It was very interesting to learn about the Thai society and culture, which is heavily influenced by the widespread practice of Buddhism (>90%). We were there when the Tsunnami struck, but we were in Bangkok, far away from the sites of devastation. We noted the self-determination and compassion of the Thai people in coping with the crises. They insisted that foreign charity contributions go to help poorer countries than Thailand, even though Thailand is not a wealthy country itself.

Last summer, we returned to Eastern/Central Europe, staying on our own in Prague and Vienna. As well as the typical tourist sites, we particularly enjoyed going to opera, ballet, and orchestral performances nearly every night.

Before our trip, Harry worked with a Jewish genealogist to trace his maternal grandmother's family, who came from Bohemia. While we were in Prague, we made many day trips into Western Bohemia and found evidence of the Klaubers and Schwarzkopfs in their ancestral towns in Jewish cemeteries, libraries, and synagogues. See pictures from these sites in sequence beginning with the page:

This summer, we hope to travel to Lithuania and Belarus and engage the services of a genealogist from that region to find out more about the Albert family (Joanne's paternal grandfather) and Dzencelsky familiy (Joanne's paternal grandmother).

We are continuing to slowly update this website. This year, we have added family narratives and family trees. If you have any additional information to include or corrections we should make, please let us know.

We send all of you our best hopes and wishes for a good year.


Joanne and Harry

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